Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cabo San Lucas

I thought I'd share some spring break pictures with you! This was the "big senior year spring break trip" that everyone always talks about.  I would say that the majority of my senior class went to Cabo.  It was so fun! As you guys don't know yet, I am obsessed with Mexico. 

We had so much fun! I went with my two good friends Caroline and Katherine. We all stayed in a little suite at Pueblo Bonito Blanco. Here's what it looks like! 

We spent the days tanning and roaming around town.  At night we would go out to a nice dinner with my parents, who also went with us (they stayed in another room) and then we would go out to a bar or club! Luckily, everyone was safe and returned home with no problems.  I am so excited for spring I can't handle myself! Hopefully I start to develop a tan soon! I hope you guys had an amazing spring break!

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