Monday, March 26, 2012

Dealing with second semester stress...

Recently, I have been extremely stressed with school.  I always thought that the second semester of senior year was supposed to be easy. Unfortunately, I thought wrong.  Considering that prom is coming up and I haven't been asked, I'm trying to look for roommate at TCU but can't find one, school is getting harder and harder, and I have no idea what to do! Senioritis is taking its toll on me!
Here are some things I do when I get extremely stressed out:

I get frozen yogurt!
For some reason, eating a small cup of frozen yogurt puts me in such a good mood! The tangy, fruity flavor reminds me that summer is close!

I exercise!

It takes a while for me to get motivated to work out, but afterwards I am so thankful that I did! Even if I just hop on my treadmill for a 2 minute walk, 20 minute run, and 2 minute cool down, I feel so happy! Exercise releases endorphins that make you happy!

I listen to pump up music!

Whenever I feel down, I listen to songs that make me happy! I have a playlist on my iTunes called "stress go away." I put my purple (Go Frogs!) beats on a jam away. Here are a few of the songs on it:
1. One Thing by One Direction
2. Listen to the Music by The Doobie Brothers
3. The One by Terri Clark
4. Brighter than the Sun by Colbie Calliat 
5. Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath 

Those are just a few of the songs, but they all make me so happy! 

I go see a movie!

I am the type of person who LOVES going to the movies.  I think I go almost every single weekend.  For me, there is nothing better than a good movie! I am going to go see the Hunger Games tonight. I'm so excited! 

I hope everyone is having a fantastic and un-stressful Monday!

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