Friday, March 30, 2012


Hi friends! I thought I would try to give y'all some good advice...Back up EVERYTHING on your computer! I just went to my iPhoto and to my dismay all my pictures were gone! These are pictures even from 6 years ago! There were about 10,000 of them on there, and I'm assuming my computer's disk got to full and they got deleted somehow.  I'm quite peeved, and I highly suggest that y'all back up everything on your computer, which I failed to do.  This means years and years of memories gone forever...What a bummer! I hope everyone is having a good Friday! 
I already blew my diet on three chocolate chip cookies today at break...My blood sugar sure will thank me for that! 
Keep your eyes open for a post coming up soon about the business I'm starting! I'm so excited!

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