Thursday, April 19, 2012

Charming Charlies

Hey guys! So today my friend and I were at the mall, and we came upon the store Charming Charlies! Although I've seen it many times, I've never gone in! What a surprise I had when I saw the cutest stuff EVER! The whole store was in sections by color, so they had an area with all pink stuff, all green stuff, all blue stuff, etc.  They have every color you can think of! I immediately went over to the pink, green, and yellow sections! The stuff also was not very expensive at all! Here is all the stuff I got: 

This green and gold bracelet.  It was only around $12!

This cute little clutch was only around $25! It is perfect for spring and summer!

This cute pink and straw clutch with the adorable bow was only $30!

This headband was around $20!

I'm not sure if Charming Charlies is big in other parts of the United States, but it definitely gets my vote and I'm excited to go back!

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