Friday, April 13, 2012

Healthy and Fun Lunch!

Hey guys! I hope y'all are having a good Friday the 13th haha! I stayed home from school today (senioritis) and I decided to make myself a fun lunch! I'm just gonna tell y'all how to make it!

So first, I got some wheat pita and I cut it in half. Then I put it in the toaster! Toast it however long you want!

Then, get an avocado and put it into a bowl. I used a pretty large one!  Mash up the avocado (I used a spoon) and then add some lemon!  I also like to add onions, salt, and pepper!

Then get some turkey and cut it into small pieces.

Once the pita is toasted, put the turkey inside.

Then add some of the guacamole!

I used the rest of the guacamole and put it on a cute plate with some pita chips!

I also put some spinach leaves with salt, pepper, lemon, and a tiny bit of olive oil on the side. My drink is crystal light!

Here is the meal!

If you do this, tell me how it goes! Or if you have any other fun recipes, please leave a comment!



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  2. That looks amazing! I love guac, i'll have to try it out!

    <3 Domenique